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Special offer. Special for this YEAR 2014!

Year of the Olympics in Russia. 

Until the end of 2014 our team organize tours for any donation

So you have to be a group (from 1 to 10 people), come to resepshionist of your hotel or hostel. 

Tell them about your preference (you would like to walking, night life, boat, combined... tour). Pay them 500 rubles for managing Tour.

At the right time we will pick you up from your place of staying in Moscow.

And we will go to an interesting tour around Moscow together. You will never forget it, it will be not regular but fun Tour!

In the end you pay as much as you think it cost  - so it's up to you, it is your donation to your guide! We have a big pleasure to share beauty of Moscow with you! 

If you don't live in a hotel or hostel, call me directly +79670357819 Julia Lazareva.

Don't forget that I was a part of Olympic Torch Relay Sochi 2014 this year in Russia!

Which run from October 7, 2013, 123 days prior to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, until February 7, 2014, the day of the opening ceremony at Sochi.

In Russia the relay traveled from Moscow to Sochi through 2,900 towns and villages across all 83 federal subjects of Russia by foot, car, train, plane, and troika for over 65,000 km of journey.

The event became the longest relay in Winter Olympics history.

So I can tell a lot about it and about Russia as a bonus.