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Combined Tour

Offer a tour (with alternatives): duration (9.00 - 21.00), or with changes 5-6 hours duration (depends on your preference).
Cost of the tour "Half Day" - group of 3 to 10 people - 2500 - 3000 RUR; 1-2 persons - 2000 RUR.
Cost of the tour "Full Day" (with boat trip) - group of 4 to 10 people - 6500 RUR; 1-3 persons – 4500 RUR.

Extra payments: a ticket to the ship 500 RUR. Metro - 1 trip 30 RUR. 
Visiting museums (optional) - discounts available! 
And food (we can visit the most budget places, possible picnic on the way, I know where great coffee (with croissants), breakfasts and lunches).

For example: If group of 6 people, the whole day will cost per each about 1800 – 2000 RUR with meals and a cruise on the boat.

We are flexible. For special guests discounts are available! :)


Step 1

9.00 Pick up at the Hotel.
Breakfast, for those who did not eat! In the cafe "Mu-Mu". Inexpensive fast food cafe with Russian cuisine, serves breakfast from 69 rubles.

Step 2 (about 1.5 hours) 

Walk to the Metro Mayakovskaya. Along the way we'll go through the main streets: str. Arbat, B. and M. Afanasevskiy lane. Gogol Boulevard, 
Fillipovsky lane. Nikitsky Boulevard, B. and M. Nikitskaya, Spiridonovka, Granatoviy lane (can visit Architect House), B. and M. Bronnaya, Eromolaevsky lane.

I’ll show you the most interesting cafes, restaurants, museums on the way!
Such as Uilliam's on Malaya Bronnaya, Kak Est (Trekhprudny Lane), Conversation 
and Meat Point (At the crossroad of Bryusov lane and Nikitskaya street: opened window with a Turkish street food Meat Point, 
where you can buy kyufta in pita bread or fresh vegetables and juicy beef, fried on a grill in front of the buyer, and Turkish coffee). 
Mayak, I love cake, Mari Vanna, Artemiy Lebedev Bench (The story about him).

On request, we can visit: Gorky's House, Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov, Nb Gallery (Filippovskiy lane.), Museum of Contemporary Art (Ermolaevskiy lane.). 
Will pass by Big Sadovoya and get Mayakvskaya metro.

Sights: Apartment - Museum of Bulgakov , Patriarch Ponds, monuments of Tolstoy and Blok, Nikitsky Gate Sq., Rotunda Fountain, 
Church of the Ascension (where Pushkin and Goncharova got married), Itar-Tass building.

Step 3 (about 1.5 hours) 

Moscow Metro. The most beautiful stations: Mayakovskaya, Belaruskaya (ring) Novoslobodskaya Prospekt Mira, Komsomolskaya. Will go to Taganskaya and change on Proletariskaya.
Hope about 13.00
Food: You can choose to visit fast food cafe near the metro / Home bar with Russian cuisine (lunch from 12.00 - 16.00 average price of 250-300 rubles) or supermarket (to buy food for a picnic).

Step 4 

Visiting Krutiskoe Podvorye. It looks real old Russian. With old buildings and great history. 


Step 5 

Novospasskiy Stavropegic Male Monastery (Peasant Sq., 10).
Very beautiful monastery with good and positive energy and beautiful sights! 

Step 6

Take a boat trip on the Moscow River. Every 25 minutes from the pier Novospasskiy Bridge. About 16.00 - 17.00 (1 hour till Park Gorkogo). 

500 rubles per person (optional). 

If you have no desire, we can take a walk on the waterfront Krasnokholmskaya.

Until Bunker - 5th Kotelnicheskay lane 11 (Bunker 42). 

There's a restaurant and so on.  

Step 7

Boat trip to Gorky Park (1 hour)!

Walk along the promenade from the Muzeon park . You can arrange a picnic there, near the fountains.
The pavilion SCHOOL designed by Igor Chirkin became the first new object in the park and once one of the most central. 
There are lectures and master classes, discussions and round tables. 
  In the depths of the park in the middle of July 2012 opened a summer cinema Muzeon. 
By architect Dmitry Baryudina cinema equipped with roof, seats over 300 people and is an ideal venue for summer screenings and chamber concerts.
Promenade - new central road through the park connecting the two entrances to the park from Krimskiy Val to the Krimskiy Waterfront.
The collection of the park about 700 sculptures, 88 of which have been collected in one place and now are white-Hall outdoor sculpture. 
Exposition project belongs to Sergei Zimin.
7 Step

Visit Gorky Park and the Museum of Contemporary art Garage.

Walk in the park, navigation through the park with me and the end of Tour. I tell how to get to the hostel or go together. 
If tourists want to walk longer I will tell where to continue spend evening and how to get Hotel!